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Sweater processing order process
2013-05-30 00:36:28

Sweater processing order process

Sweater processing order process:

1, the customer to provide pictures or samples to my factory; (note that the order is wool, quantity, color, size, and delivery)

2, according to the sample provided by the customer (image) started after my company do, the play version of every sample need to charge a fee as a credit. (version fee charged by the return after order payment for goods)

3, I plant the sample sent by Courier service to the address specified by the customer (Courier fees shall be borne by the customer) in the past, if the sample need to be modified to return to my factory again, change again as required;

4, such as sample after confirm OK, each big goods order processing under the contract, and in 30% of the contract after the payment to the factory, I began to produce big goods after receipt of deposit; (shipments will be subject to my factory after sample)

5, my factory after the contract finish processing orders, customers can arrange personnel to my factory inspection, or by other photo sampling methods such as inspection, pay end the money and then I arrange shipment factory

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